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Watch Padma Talk Top Chef, Hurricanes on Jimmy Fallon

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Undeterred by a silly little hurricane, Padma Lakshmi paid a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night — in front of a completely empty studio audience. Still, in part one of the interview, Padma and Jimmy Fallon carried on with jokes about Halloween and Hurricane Sandy preparations at the Lakshmi household, which involved making meatballs and buying Jiffy Pop. As Padma says, "It's like a Top Chef challenge, right? You have no electricity, there's a hurricane. You have four pounds of meat and Jiffy Pop. What are you going to do?"

Then in the second part of the interview, they discuss the new season of Top Chef. Padma launches into a cursed-filled imitation of the show's new judge Wolfgang Puck, who she says is "kind of like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger had a baby, execept that it's really well-mannered and cultured." Here, go watch.

Video: Padma Lakshmi, Part 1

Video: Padma Lakshmi, Part 2

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