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Hurricane Sandy Rips Apart Montauk's Beach Barge Restaurant at the Gurney's Inn

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Photo: @SarahMaslinNir

Holy moses, here's a photo of a beach club restaurant completely torn to pieces on Long Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The New York Times reports that the Beach Barge at the Gurney's Inn was lost to the world as of Monday night, when folks at the bar watched it "slowly disintegrate, battered by waves. The Hamptons restaurant, which had recently been renovated following damage from Tropical Storm Irene, was shattered, the boardwalk outside gone and the restaurant tipped on its side and partly washed away." Here are more shots of the Beach Barge before and during the storm.

Photo: Before the storm

[Photo: chrismontemarano / instagram]

Photo: During the storm

[Photo: @yvonneganly]

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Beach Barge

290 Old Montauk Hwy, Montauk Beach, New York