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Watch a Short Film About the Ice Program at the Aviary

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Grant Achatz's The Aviary has released a video all about the mind-blowing breadth of the Chicago cocktail bar's ice program. Not only is there an Ice Guy who does nothing all day but freeze things in an ice room, but sous chef Micah Melton and beverage director Charles Joly explain how The Aviary has between 25 and 35 kinds of ice. These come in all different shapes, sizes and flavors, such as Fresno chile ice cubes for the margaritas and hollow cubes that hold your drink inside of them. Melton explains, "We never think about 'Oh can we do this for 100 people? Can we serve 300 in the rocks in the night?' It's always, 'Is it good once?' And as long as it's good once, we'll figure out how to make it good 100 times."

Video: Aviary Ice

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The Aviary

955 West Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

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