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Alleged Wine Butt-Chugger Holds Absurd Press Conference to Deny Butt-Chugging

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How many times can you squeeze the phrase "butt-chugging" into one press conference? Attorney Daniel McGeHee — who represents a University of Tennessee frat member rumored to have ended up in the hospital due to, ahem, "alcohol enemas" — seeks to find out in the video below. McGeHee and members of the fraternity in question gathered in front of media to deny the butt-chugging allegations, and also to deny that the student in question "may be a gay man." (Sigh.) Behold as McGeHee, flanked by an army of 20 year-olds in suits and sunglasses, tells the journalists, "Shame on you for having reported lies and incorrect information." They plan on taking legal action against "whoever has violated [the non-butt-chugger's] constitutional rights and the list is as long as your arm."

So what did happen that fateful night? Apparently the brothers held something called a "Tour of Franzia," which according to Urban Dictionary is when a group of people "race to finish a bag of Franzia wine, and then ride bikes." Okay. Here's the press conference that still doesn't answer the question if wine butt-chugging is the new vodka tampon-ing:

Video: UT Fraternity Member Tells His Story

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