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Hurricane Sandy Updates From Across the Eater Universe

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Shake Shack, New York City.
Shake Shack, New York City.
Photo: @shakeshack / Twitter

Hurricane Sandy may be flinging itself at the East Coast, but you still have to eat: Eater NY, Eater Philly, Eater Boston, and Eater DC have rounded up the restaurants (and bars) that will remain open during the storm. Some places are even offering hurricane specials to tempt you out into the tempest.

Meanwhile, reports that Cape May, New Jersey's beloved Cove Restaurant had been destroyed by the storm turned out to have been mistakenly reported by local police officers. Hopefully all Philadelphia-area drinkers are stocked up by this point, because the 170 state-run liquor stores in the area have all closed for the storm. And in New York City, the Battery Park City location of Shake Shack is not taking any chances.