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Village Voice Media Files Suit Against Yelp Over 'Best Of'

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As it plunges further down the print media death spiral, Village Voice Media has determined the best use of its resources is to sue Yelp for using the phrase "Best Of." As reported by Paid Content, VVM has a trademark on the term, and is seeking an injunction against Yelp in addition to damages. Apparently VVM asked Yelp nicely to stop using "Best Of" and Yelp refused; now a lawsuit says "Yelp has irreparably damaged the valuable reputation and goodwill of VVMH and its 'Best Of' marks."

They've pulled this stunt before: about a year ago, VVM sued Time Out New York over their "Best of NYC" issue, demanding that all unsold copies of the magazine be destroyed. The lawsuit, which you can read in all its legalese glory below, cites ten different cities in which Yelp used the phrase, including Miami, Seattle and San Francisco. Everyone else who has ever used the phrase "best of" to describe anything: you're on notice.

Village Voice Media Is Suing Yelp For Using 'Best of'

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