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SF Sandwich Shop Bites Back at Critic With 'Boring' Menu

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The offending review. [Photo: <a href="http://twitter.com/deliboard/status/261162837743919106/photo/1">@deliboard</a>] The subsequent Hoagie 1058 specials board.
The offending review. [Photo: @deliboard] The subsequent Hoagie 1058 specials board.
Photo: Tablehopper/Instagram

This week, SF Weekly's Anna Roth wrote a tepid review of the new 1058 Hoagie, a Philly-style companion to San Francisco's hot Deli Board. Playing on the names — and her apparent boredom with 1058 Hoagie's offerings — the reviewran under the headline "Deli Bored." As Roth explained in the review:

the biggest deviation between the two shops is the creativity with sandwiches — the hoagies follow the standard Italian sub playbook almost exactly, and when they do deviate from the expected, their flavors aren't special enough to seek out.

Well, the sister sandwich shops have fought back by renaming their daily specials board, "anna roth is boring" on Wednesday, followed by "anna roth, still boring" yesterday.

Roth caught wind of the whole thing yesterday, first responding on Twitter, "haha, fair enough. What's in my sandwich?" then speculating last night how much longer "the badmouthing will go on" before this was over. Well, if today's specials board at Deli Board is any indication, probably soon. It reads: "onward. talking about anna roth is Boring."

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1058 Hoagie

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