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Find Out What's Next for Patrón Secret Dining Society

Last month, Patrón Secret Dining Society surprised unknowing guests with a breathtaking sunset cruise around the Boston Harbor. Chef Michael Schlow and Mixologist Arley Howard then prepared a top-notch, outdoor food and tequila experience at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Not too shabby.

This is just one example of the type of world-class dinner Patrón Secret Dining Society curates, and November's event promises big things. Expect a high-caliber mixologist creating brand new Patrón cocktails, a six-course tasting menu from a celebrated chef, all at a secret location.

The event details will be announced November 6, at which time you'll have three days to answer a riddle for a chance to win. To prepare, become a member of Patrón Social Club. Even if you don't live in the chosen city, you'll still be in the running to win a treasure trove of prizes to prepare you for future at-home fiestas.

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