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Here's a Massive Preview of Modernist Cuisine at Home

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Here now, a 28-page booklet that gives a look inside Nathan Myhrvold's recently released Modernist Cuisine at Home, the follow-up to last year's mind-blowing Modernist Cuisine (Amazon). Beyond what was revealed in a sneak preview back in June, the brochure pulls back the curtain on this new book for home cooks. Part One includes tutorials on "how to use (and not to use) a blowtorch" and "how to make fruit leather that doesn't stick to your teeth," plus it explains why pressure cookers work and ways to use a microwave oven that go beyond your standard steaming, reheating, defrosting and melting.

Part Two is where you'll find all the recipes — 145 of them, plus more than 260 variations. There's a whole series on eggs and different ways to make them, but also cheeseburgers, steaks, risotto, a "showstopping" mac and cheese recipe, and tips on how to get oven-made pizzas to turn out "as crispy as you would get from a wood-fired brick oven." Take a look:

Modernist Cuisine at Home Brochure

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