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Watch Jeopardy's Chef Category Totally Stump Contestants

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Jeopardy! had a Beard Award-winning chefs category yesterday, and after completely avoiding it the whole round, contestants Betsy, Susan and Martin finally had to address clues about chefs like Tom Colicchio, Grant Achatz and others. (The game show has featured Beard-y categories before with a category about the Foundation itself.) Perhaps you can fare better than the contestants? Play along with the clues below (answers at the bottom of the post via J! Archive) or totally cheat and watch the clip from the show.






Video: Beard Award-Winning Chefs on Jeopardy

· Show #6462 - Tuesday, October 23, 2012 [J! Archive via The Braiser]
· All Jeopardy Coverage on Eater [-E-]

Answers: 1. Top Chef 2. Wolfgang Puck 3. The tongue 4. KFC 5. Alice Waters

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