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Disney Just Might Buy the Food Network

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Photo: Kent Phillips / Disney

The controlling family trust behind Scripps Networks — which owns the Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, and HGTV, among other properties — has disbanded, and Bloomberg takes a look at who is poised to bid on the $9.5 billion corporation. Turns out a prime candidate is Disney, because it needs "a way to add more female-friendly content." (Disney already owns the manly-man ESPN network.)

Just imagine the theme park possibilities: Paula Deen's Butter Slide, Guy Fieri's Kool Spinning Kups, Sandra Lee's Semiscary Semihaunted House. Disney already has a Rataouille ride going in at Disneyland Paris, and the Beauty and the Beast restaurant Be Our Guest at Disney World in Florida. It's not that big of a stretch.

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