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Jamie Oliver at Montreal's Maison Publique, Now Open

Maison Publique chef Derek Dammann and Jamie Oliver
Maison Publique chef Derek Dammann and Jamie Oliver
Photo: @jamieoliver

While Montreal's latest gastropub Maison Publique opened about two weeks ago, investor/British chef/world savior Jamie Oliver visited the restaurant over the weekend for a dinner party and to marvel at the wonder that is Montreal. According to the Montreal Gazette, this was Oliver's first trip to Quebec and he did not cook at what was a private party. Helming Maison Publique is Montreal chef Derek Dammann, who once worked for Oliver at Fifteen in London and now counts the British chef as an investor and partner at the new restaurant.

So how was Oliver's very first trip to Quebec? Well, considering Saturday afternoon involved "the best rainbow" ever, pretty good! Oliver tweeted that Maison Publique got a visit from Canadian television personality "George Stroumboulopoulos & the owner of Joe Beef one of the city's Best restaurant." He also apparently went pheasant hunting and visited Sugar Shack, where he hung out with Au Pied de Cochon chef Martin Picard.

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Maison Publique

4720 Rue Marquette, Montreal, QC, Canada