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Vienna Cafe Installs One-Way Mirror Into Ladies Room

Photo: Kurier

Here's a fun surprise for the unsuspecting ladies at Vienna "experimental sushi" restaurant/gallery space Dots: an innovative art installation that is actually a one-way mirror peering from the men's into the women's bathroom. Artist Alexander Riegler explains to Radio Wien that his intention with the project is to explore the concept of voyeurism in modern times — and a spokesperson for the restaurant claims that 95 percent of customers think the installation is funny.

That said, Vienna Chamber of Commerce chairman William Turecek tells the Kurier that he has received complaints and expressed surprise the restaurant hadn't already changed the mirror as he had instructed. Meanwhile City Councillor Sandra Frauenberger tells the paper, "This really is a form of harassment." Finally, the vice chairman of the Consumer Protection Association warns that the forced voyeurism could potentially result in shutting down the restaurant.

But hey, the restaurant's spokesman explains that they're going to put up signs warning women about the men looking into their restroom — which is totally not in the stalls anyway, everyone, so it's no big deal. And if the restaurant isn't shut down by the whole invasion of privacy thing, the Associated Press reports that the plan is to switch things up in January with the mirror looking in at the urinals. For now, Dots is having a good time with it all, posting a photo to Facebook of a male stick figure peeking over a stall at a female stick figure.

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