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Watch SNL's Stefon Recommend Halloween Nightclubs

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Last night on Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update's city correspondent and tweaked-out club kid Stefon (played by Bill Hader) returned to recommend places for family fun for Halloween. He recommends Jellyballs: "Located on the Lower-Upper Side, this random home invasion is a creation of legally drunk clothing designer Nick Nolte and Gabbana. As you walk in, you'll be handed a glass of champagne. Or is it piss? Needless to say, this place has everything: slurpees, mushmouths, litterbugs. And don't worry about security, because it's guarded by an army of hobocops... Homeless Robocops." And then he walks us through what he'll do for Halloween. It involves something called a "Mexican piñata": it's "that thing of when a Mexican midget eats a lot of candy and then he dances until he throws up."

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