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McDonald's Canada Promises Its Burgers Are All Beef

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As part of their Our Food. Your Questions campaign to promote transparency, McDonald's in Canada has put out a video in which their supply chain VP, Jeff Kroll, walks through one of the company's beef professing plants to dispel urban myths about their product. So, you learn whether the beef is rinsed in ammonia or any other type of chemicals (No, plus "it's illegal in Canada"), if they ground up the entire cow to make the burgers ("Absolutely not"), and why the meat sticks together when they don't use additives ("The key is for the patties to come out right at the freezing temperature").

This just is one of many videos that McDonald's Canada has put out to counter stigmas and rumors about their product. Others in the series answer timeless questions like "Does your egg McMuffin use real eggs?" and "Why does your food look different in the advertising than it does in the store?"

Video: See How McDonald's Canada Hamburger Patties Are Made

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