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Michel Bras Leads French Town's Knife Name Protest

Photo: AFP

The French town of Laguiole is famous for its knives, but apparently that's in danger: the rights to the name "Laguiole" belong to a businessman who allows the name to be applied to knives, "clothes, table and bed linen, lighters and barbecues" made in China. And the residents of Laguiole — including world-renowned chef Michel Bras, whose three Michelin-starred restaurant is located there — are not happy about it.

According to the AFP, the people of Laguiole, led by Bras and mayor Vincent Alazard, recently took down the town's sign and shipped it off to Paris in protest of the situation. A previous suit to prevent the name from being used outside Laguiole failed; an appeal is in process. The good citizens of Laguiole should perhaps have a chat with those of Solingen, Germany who are currently suing Emeril Lagasse/Martha Stewart Omnimedia over a similar town name/knives made in China infringement.

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