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Colbert on Corn, Candy-Fed Cows, and Shucking Disasters

On the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert looks at the fallout from this summer's drought and its effect on corn. First up: a cattle farmer who feeds his cow "second hand candy" (gross?) and becomes, as Colbert puts it, a "jolly rancher." It's fine, though, because "almost all [candy] is made from high fructose corn syrup, which, thanks to government subsidies, is somehow cheaper than the corn it's made from." Then it's on to Mitchell, South Dakota, where the town's yearly tradition of changing the corn murals on the Mitchell Corn Palace has been threatened by a lack of available colors of corn. As the Corn Palace director says, "It's hard to imagine an America without a corn palace." "Earresistible" corn puns abound below.

Video: Junk Food Feed

Video: A Shucking Disaster - Nightmare at the Mitchell Corn Palace

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