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Burger King Japan Bombs Burgers With Fried Pumpkin

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Photo: Burger King Japan

Just in time for media speculation that pumpkin is the new bacon, here's Burger King Japan's BK Pumpkin, and its bigger, pumpkinier sibling, the Pumpkin Bomb. Via a Google translated press release: both burgers come with beef patties, fried kabocha pumpkin slices, bacon (maybe bacon and pumpkin together is the new bacon?), and lettuce. They're also topped with a nut sauce made from sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts. The difference between the two? Pumpkin Bomb has a whole bunch more pumpkin on it, ten slices in total. As far as novelty burgers go, this one seems to fall more on the delicious end of the spectrum than the scary/insane end. It's available from October 26 to November 11.

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