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Anthony Bourdain on Life After Kitchen Confidential

It's been more than a decade since Anthony Bourdain unleashed his memoir Kitchen Confidential upon an unsuspecting world and, well, some things have changed. On the occasion of the book's impending reissue, the publisher Ecco has released two videos in which Bourdain discusses the book. In the first, he shares some of the things he'd like to change in the reissue, such as a warning not to order fish on Mondays. Bourdain explains, "Things are better now. People actually give a shit. So I feel bad about that."

Also, please stop giving him cocaine on book tours, okay? In the second video, Bourdain talks about the influence the book has had on readers, admitting to his publisher that he has "mixed emotions" about how his cocaine use in the book somehow seems to have served as an inspiration to some: "You'd be shocked by how many times some admiring line cook with tattoos comes up to get their book signed and slides me a little bindle of cocaine. Did you not read the fucking book?"

Video: Fish on Monday

Video: F Up in a Spectacular Way

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