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Latest Trend: Throwing Molotov Cocktails in Restaurants

This week in trends that should never catch on, criminals in Montreal have targeted bars and restaurants with Molotov cocktails three times within a 24-hour period. According to the Montreal Gazette, two bars in the Plateau area — Bar Primetime and Café Ciociaro — were hit early Wednesday morning with Molotov cocktails within an hour of one another. And then on Thursday morning, steakhouse-and-sushi restaurant Chops Resto Bar became a third Molotov cocktail victim. While damages to the first two bars was considered light, Constable Daniel Lacoursière of Montreal police tells the Gazette that the sprinkler system kicked in at Chops, resulting in some extensive water damage.

While most likely totally unrelated (or is it?), Molotov cocktails in food-related establishments is also a new thing in Virginia. ARL reports that a man has been accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail into the food court at Ballston Commons Mall. Here now, some raw CBC news footage of the Montreal incidents.

Video: Police Investigate Molotov Cocktail Incidents

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Bar Primetime

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