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Good & Evil: Yep, Bourdain and Ripert Are Releasing a Chocolate Bar Now

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Totally fake non-official mockup by Raphael Brion /

Word in over the Eaterwire that busiest man alive Anthony Bourdain and three Michelin-starred chef Eric Ripert have joined forces with chocolatier Christopher Curtin of Eclat Chocolate to create a chocolate bar named "Good & Evil" (after the Bourdain/Ripert speaking series Good vs. Evil). Yes, really. Details are sparse: it'll debut sometime after November 8, but that's about all that's known. Ripert has mentioned several times in the past that he's a big chocolate guy — he eats it every day — so sure why not. Please speculate wildly in the comments on flavor choices, whether it will be any good or not, and what it all means.

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