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Chick-fil-A Claims 'Fruitcakes' Ad Is Not Anti-Gay, Is About Actual Fruitcake

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Photo: Towelroad

It turns out that this Chick-fil-A ad — which was first posted by the blog Towelroad and declares "Only a Fruitcake Wouldn't Love Our Party Trays" — is real. It also apparently refers to actual fruitcakes. You know, the dense, dried fruit-laden baked items that get passed around at Christmas time. Why, what did you think they meant by fruitcake?

The chicken sandwich chain tells the Advocate that a Georgia franchise has run this ad for the past five years during the holidays, and "It was simply a play on words referring to the traditional holiday food...the restaurant had no intention of offending anyone whatsoever. We regret the flier may have been taken out of context." Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy has been under fire recently for making anti-marriage equality statements in the press. This time, though, the chain says a fruitcake is just a fruited cake.

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