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Who's Over Molecular Gastronomy Now? Ludo Lefebvre

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Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

Who's so totally over molecular gastronomy now? LA chef Ludo Lefebvre. In an interview with Chow, Lefebvre declares that "Now that I'm getting old I don't want to use sous vide anymore." While he notes the technology is "great" and "anything that advances cuisine is not bad," in the end "molecular gastronomy is dead." He added that not only does he think molecular gastronomy is over, but so does Ferran Adrià: "Why do you think Ferran closed El Bulli? The business was still good; he could have gone on for five years more. But he knew it was over."

Dubai chef Mark Patten recently spoke out about the danger of molecular gastronomy at a chefs conference, citing a recent incident in the UK in which a cocktail made using liquid nitrogen nearly killed a young woman.

Other people who have decided molecular gastronomy is over, overrated, dead, gone, or just a bad term include John Mariani, Eric Ripert, Alice Waters, Lorena Garcia, Alton Brown, and a whole bunch of other chefs. David Chang is okay with foams, though.

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