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Michelin Announces 2013 Guide to Western Japan

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Michelin has announced its selections for the 2013 guide to western Japan (that's Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, and Nara). There are 12 three-stars, down from 15 last year, 51 two-stars, and a whopping 210 with the one-star designation. Kyoto enjoys the bulk of the star distribution.

The Guide is emphasizing the fact that they've maintained the same standards while highlighting different types of cuisine and different price ranges, including "soba, kushiage, teppanyaki, sushi, yakitori, izakaya, unagi, tempura, fugu, sukiyaki, oden, obanzai, shojin, yuba, beef specialities and chicken specialities." Speaking of Japan's dining scene in an interview earlier this month, Michelin director Michael Ellis said, "The Guide is Japan-centric, there's no doubt about it. The French rag on me for it. In Japan, there's double the population and fifty times the restaurants. It's an eye-opener. You have to really see it to believe it." Here's the press release:

Michelin Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe 2012

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