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First Look: Jose Garces' Cookbook, The Latin Road Home

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Here's Philadelphia chef/Iron Chef Jose Garces' latest book, The Latin Road Home: Savoring the Foods of Ecuador, Spain, Cuba, Mexico and Peru. The book looks at the cuisines that shaped Garces' food, with a section devoted to each: Ecuador (specifically Quito, where his family is from); Spain (where he spent time after culinary school); Cuba (his wife's family is Cuban); Mexico (his first restaurant concept was Mexican) and Peru ("a gastronomic capital").

Garces' recipes are his take on the classics, whether it's a twist added by his relatives or an upscale reinvention for one of his restaurants. The book is also beautiful, with photography that stands out as a refreshing pop of color (and vegetables) in a season dominated by food photography in muted shades of brown. The Latin Road Home is out now from Lake Isle Press (order on Amazon).

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