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Behold Japan's Monstrous Five-Patty Lotteria Burgers

Photo: Lotteria

Japanese burger chain Lotteria is celebrating its 40th anniversary with (what else) super-discounted five-patty tower hamburgers. They are literally novelty burgers: according to Kotaku, the burger version is only available October 16, and the shrimp version (the fried tower burger is a shrimp burger) is available October 23. The burgers are available as custom orders all the time, but the high price of adding extra-patties means they don't get ordered very often, but for the stunt Lotteria's offering them for 500 yen (about $6.30). As Google translate puts it, these are Lotteria's Super Cheese Day deals. The Japanese blog Rocket News actually ordered them and discovered they are not, perhaps, all that super. But they are very cheesy?

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