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Anthony Bourdain Roasted in NYC: 'I Dodged an ICBM'

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[Photo: <a href="">allthewaymaymay / Instagram</a>]
[Photo: allthewaymaymay / Instagram]

Last night, as part of the New York City Wine and Food Festival, "cultural anthropologist"/busiest man alive Anthony Bourdain was roasted by comedians and food world big shots. Pals like Eric Ripert and Mario Batali joined Food Network people/frequent Bourdain targets Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri on stage to tear into the television food person in the name of charity. According to Bourdain, he "had an easy ride" but he did tweet that comedian Bonnie McFarlane stole the show.

Bourdain was on Today this morning to discuss the roast. Host Savannah Guthrie also asked him whether, in light of the good-natured ribbing of Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, he regretted comments he's made about Paula Deen's pharma deal. His response: "I have less of a sense of humor about Paula, to be honest." Clips from the roast and more below.

Video: Anthony Bourdain Roasted

· Comedian Bonnie McFarlane made fun of all of Bourdain's separate projects, saying "Is there anything you can't do? I mean, besides cook?"
· Eric Ripert came on stage to the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"; Bourdain entered to the theme from the Golden Girls.
· HuffPo collects some of the best zingers and notes that Guy Fieri was the one to give Bourdain a bleach blonde wig (see slideshow).
· YumSugar notes Rachael Ray says she read Kitchen Confidential twice and didn't feel she had to make many jokes because "If you ask the man of the hour in the hotseat, my mere existence is clearly insult enough."
· And the AP reports that Bourdain was a good sport about everything: "I've always felt that if you're a public figure and I'm making fun of you and your work on television, at all times it is perfectly appropriate for you to give it back to me. Well, we've set an official appointment for that."

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