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Here's the New York Times Magazine's 2012 Food Issue

Here's New York Times Magazine's annual food issue, featuring presidents, the "ultraserious" Christopher Kimball of Cooks Illustrated, $30 million worth of wine, and restaurant critics of yore. Check it out:

· California's Central Valley, Land of a Billion Vegetables by Mark Bittman
· John Rimmerman, the Garagiste Founder and Wild Raconteur of Wine by Daniel Duane
· Buffalo Mozzarella, the Great White Whale of American Cheesemaking by Sam Anderson

· Why California's Prop. 37 Should Matter to Anyone Who Cares About Food by Michael Pollan
· The Legend of the Potato King by Christoph Niemann
· Bacon 25 Ways by Mark Bittman
· The Women Pulling Your Pints
· Cook's Illustrated's Christopher Kimball Believes Cooking Is Ultraserious Business by Alex Halberstadt
· How to Stuff Your Face Like a President
· Culinary Quests From Tokyo to London by David Sax
· When I Was a New York Times Restaurant Critic ... by Maya Lau
· A Roundup of Celebrity Food Obsessionsb y Spencer Bailey
· Who Made That Whisk? by Pagan Kennedy
· There's No Shame in an Irish Cream by Rosie Schaap

[Photo: NYTM]