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Nigella Lawson Calls France an 'Irritating Little Country on the Way to Italy'

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British food personality Nigella Lawson, she of the dubiously Italian cookbook and upcoming ABC competition show with Anthony Bourdain, spoke at the Cheltenham Literature Festival lately and said some things British press finds most scandalous. First of all, she called the French irritating. Well, she says she sometimes teases her father who lives in France, "France, isn't it that irritating country you have to drive through to get to Italy?" Oh yes, she did.

Not only that, but she said "I can't do all the foamy sauces they go in for these days, or all the plate decoration. But the bread and butter, I'll give them that." (She also said a lot of things about "I don't have anything against France" and "You can't beat French cooking at its best," but nevermind that.)

And the French are not happy about it. French chef Jean-Christophe Novelli told the Times, "She is obviously too busy making silly comparisons with no sense of respect [towards] where she got a big part of her learning from." Snap.

During the same appearance, Lawson told the crowd "I'm a great believer in fat. My view is, it's a moisturiser from the inside." That's not exactly how it works but sure why not. Deep fried foods like doughnuts and fried candy bars are, apparently, just the trick.

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