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Bravo's Life After Top Chef Is Just a Boring Vortex of Lies

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Last night on episode two of critically panned shitshow Life After Top Chef, viewers found their favorite cheftestapants at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Soon thereafter, Jen Carroll announces on camera, "I'm coming straight from Aspen and I am headed to Charleston for their food and wine festival."

Thing is, the F&W Classic in Aspen happened in June, and the Charleston Wine + Food Festival happened months earlier, back in March. Did Bravo think no one would notice? Admittedly, this time-shifting is a minor thing, but this is 100% clear: In life after Top Chef, you have to lie on camera to suit Bravo's pointlessly deceptive narrative.

In this "reality" show, is anything for real? During the episode, Richard Blais explains it further. Talking about a stunt Fabio was pulling in Aspen, Blais said: "In this day and age you have to have something that sets you apart as a chef to stand out from the crowd by doing something different... Media whores." Because of all the above, and this, the show is officially Deathwatched. Here's the clip:

Video: Life After Top Chef Is a Boring Vortex of Lies

Also, don't miss the clip of Spike Mendelsohn and Mike Isabella riding motorcycles and talking about installing stripper poles in their restaurants. Spike is eerily self-aware, saying,"We think we're super cool. People probably think we're super douchey."

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