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Australian Restaurant Removes Mouth-Shaped Urinals

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Sexist urinal alert: A brasserie in Sydney, Australia has agreed to remove urinals shaped like women's mouths due to controversy surrounding their misogynistic nature. The recently opened Ananas restaurant wrote in a Facebook post that the urinals are "a commonly used European design piece from female artist Meike van Schijnde" but is removing them anyhow.

They also noted that the urinals were intended to reference "the Rolling Stones logo which is based on Mick Jagger's lips rather than a woman's lips." According to Australian feminist publisher and commentator Anne Summers, speaking with the AAP, "Misogyny is very widespread, and this is just an example of misogyny...They're asking men to put their dicks in these mouths as urinals." Misogyny: get rid of it, starting with the bathrooms.

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[Photo: AAP]


18 Argyle St The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia