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Treme Watch: Getting Courted at Torrisi Italian Specialties

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Last night on Treme, Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens) is still working at chef David Chang's restaurant Lucky Peach — a fictionalized hybrid of Momofuku Ko and Ssäm Bar — and the mystery man from episode one turns out to be an investor trying to poach her to be the chef at a new restaurant in New Orleans. Because the chef/restaurant scenes are written by Anthony Bourdain, the courting process involves a dinner at Torrisi Italian Specialties and a quick cameo with the chef/partners Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone (Bourdain featured the restaurant heavily last year in No Reservations). "It's a tough table," says Desautel, "I'm impressed."

Later, Chang knows something's up and talks to Desautel about her leaving to work with the restaurateur (over some Pappy Van Winkle of course). "He's an asshole. But they're all assholes," says Chang."I'm an asshole. Who fuckin' knows?" But he encourages her anyway: "Don't be a putz, you gotta go down there and check it out... Just be sure you can live with this guy as your partner. Because that's a fucking marriage."

Video: Treme: Investor

Video: Treme: Inside Torrisi Italian Specialties

Video: Treme: Outside Torrisi Italian Specialties

Video: Treme: Chang and Pappy

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