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Curtis Stone and Cat Cora to Host Bravo's New Show Around the World in 80 Plates

Photos: Bravo

Bravo previously announced the culinary adventure show Around the World in 80 Plates back in August, but a press release from over the weekend announced the hosts: Curtis Stone and Cat Cora. Bravo calls the series "the network’s most ambitious production to date." In the show, produced by Magical Elves, 12 chefs will compete in a "culinary race across 10 countries in 44 days."

Cat Cora is probably best known as an Iron Chef on Iron Chef America. She also has restaurants in super-fun places like a Macy's in Costa Mesa, California (CCQ, which stands for "Cat Cora's 'Que'"); in airports (Cat Cora's Kitchen in SFO and IAH); and in Disney World on the boardwalk (Kouzzina, a fast casual eatery serving "Mediterranean family recipes"). Cat Cora also has her own collection of wines called Coranation.

Curtis Stone, also the host of Bravo's Top Chef Masters, could probably best be described by Eddie Huang: "Curtis Stone just looks like Gordon Ramsay found the fountain of youth and Lance Bass' hair dresser." Stone has no restaurants, not even in airports. For more on the "chef," do see Eater's "Who the Hell Is Curtis Stone?" post from back in April 2011.

The series premieres May 2012.

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