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Portlandia: We Can Pickle That! Plus More

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Season two of Portlandia premiered on Friday night, and it came back in a big way. Here are three clips to satiate your entitled, locavore restaurant needs. The first: The Portland couple Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversman who can pickle pretty much anything (including eggs and bandaids). The second: Comedian Andy Samberg guest stars as a mixologist at the real Portland restaurant Mint/820. He makes a "ginger-based bourbon drink infused with honey, lemon, and charred ice... Cherry tomato, lime zest, [homemade bitters]... egg whites, egg shells, egg yellows, and rotten banana."

And finally, a road trip to the (hopefully fake) California restaurant Around the World in 80 Plates that does things a little differently. With a menu divided into seven different cuisines, the restaurant offers the options to "double down" the meal (twice the amount of food for twice the price), to "lobster-ate" it (they put a whole lobster on your plate for $31.99), to "breakfast-ize" it (they roll up everything into an omelet), and to "super-spike" it (they pour Jack Daniels over everything).

Video: Portlandia: We Can Pickle That

Video: Mixologist at Mint/820

Sorry, by IFC's request, we had to remove this video.

Video: Around the World in 80 Plates

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