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The Quattro Prestige, a $50 Pizza From Domino's Japan

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Photo: Domino's Japan

Perhaps it's time to admit that Japan just has better novelty food than we do: they have foie gras hamburgers, they have pizza-sized hamburgers, and now Domino's Japan is offering a luxury $50 four-in-one pizza called the Quattro Prestige. What's that? Glad you asked.

The Quattro Prestige features four segments of different toppings on the same pizza. Except the Prestige is super luxe, so instead of pepperoni, it has the following toppings:

· Snow Crab & Shrimp Gratin: A flavorsome gratin featuring tasty snow crab and the plump texture of shrimp. The luxuriously rich and aromatic white sauce is finished with truffles.
· Mangalitsa Pork with Bordeaux Sauce: Rich red meat, and fat that melts even in low heat? Soft, beefy Mangalitsa pork is infused with the rich flavor of bourdeaux sauce.
· Fresh Mozzarella & Beef Stew: Our beef stew with chunks of beef is topped with mozzarella, giving the stew a deep, rich flavor as if finished with a dash of cream.

How very fancy. Except the fourth flavor is Margherita, which is not really that fancy. Anyway, a large costs ¥3,900, or just over fifty bucks. This is just one of many "Quattro" four-in-one pizzas offered by the chain; others include Meat The World, Ristorante and the Camembert Mille-Feuille Quattro. But the Prestige is the most, you know, prestigious of them, and also only available through the end of January.

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