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Grant Achatz Talks Next iBooks, Hints at Print Edition

Photo: @gachatz

As news of the upcoming epic-sounding elBulli menu at Chicago restaurant Next begins to surface, chef Grant Achatz and his co-owner Nick Kokonas have also been dropping hints on Twitter about the iBooks for previous menus. Above, a shot from the Thai menu iBook, which Kokonas tells Eater is in "final edits and encoding" and might be ready about six weeks from now. (The first Next iBook, for the Paris menu, came out in November.)

Also, yesterday Achatz hinted at a print version of the iBooks, and Kokonas confirms to Eater that it's a possibility: "We may combine Paris / Thai / Childhood into a single 2011 compendium print edition...Then again... we may not." On Twitter, Kokonas warned Achatz not to "make any promises chef. I might burn the warehouse," though, so who knows.

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