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Colbert Invents Toasterster, a Toaster-Sharing Service

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Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert proposed a startup called Toasterster, a socialist New York-only toaster-sharing service. This was during the interview segment with co-founder and former CEO of AOL Steve Case. Case is also an investor and boardmember of Zipcar, the car-sharing service, but Colbert is no fan. "I don't like the idea of sharing," said Colbert. "I'm one of eleven children, I had to share my entire life. I'm a big boy now, it's mine."

So Colbert comes up with Toasterster, what he calls a "breakthrough business." Said Colbert: "I only use my toaster for like a few minutes a day, so why should I own a toaster?" How it works: "There'll be a central location in New York where all the toasters are kept. And you'll go check out a toaster for like the five minutes it takes you to make your toast. And then you'll return it to the central location for a small fee." He asks Case for $25 million in seed money.

Video: Colbert Report: Steve Case

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