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The Pete Wells Era Begins; 34 in London

34, London.
34, London.
Photo: 34

The Pete Wells era begins at the New York Times with two stars for Wong and a plea to Asian-y restaurants to come up with a name for their cuisine "that doesn’t evoke 900-seat nightclubs with giant Buddhas." Ryan Sutton calls Catch in New York "Red Lobster for hedge funders." And over in London, Jay Rayner's smitten with 34, and it's the brand new baby grand that gets him: "Spending a fat four-figure sum on a beautiful hunk of wood and wire shows an uncommon commitment." He likes the food, too, calling it "the most self-assured, delicious London restaurant launch in years."

New York:
New York Times/Pete Wells: Wong, 2 stars
Village Voice/Robert Sietsema: Kutsher's Tribeca
Time Out New York/Jay Cheshes: Wong, 2 out of 5 stars
New Yorker/Silvia Killingsworth: Tertulia
Village Voice/Lauren Shockey: La Promenade des Anglais
Bloomberg/Ryan Sutton: Catch, 1.5 stars

Bloomberg/Richard Vines: Bread Street Kitchen, 2 stars
Observer/Jay Rayner: 34

Time Out Chicago/David Tamarkin: Grange Hall Burger Bar, 3 out of 5 stars
Time Out Chicago/Julia Kramer: Filini, 2 out of 5 stars

San Francisco:
SF Weekly/Jonathan Kauffman: Wo Hing General Store

Boston Globe/Devra First: Trade

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