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Darth Vader and Jedi Hamburgers at Quick in France

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Photo: mintinbokf

Holy hell this may very well be the Novelty Sandwich to end all Novelty Sandwiches: Quick, a French/Belgian fast food chain, will soon offer the above Darth Vader Burger (they're calling it the "Dark Vador" Burger but whatever), its slightly more boring compatriot the Jedi Burger, and the significantly more boring Dark Burger (see below). So many questions: Is that a black hamburger bun? Does it taste of evil? Will you get cancer within 15 seconds of consuming it? Do you need to join the Empire first just to be safe? Probably it is just food dye? Also, the Jedi burger looks like it is possibly topped with marshmallows?

Anyway, this is apparently to celebrate Star Wars Episode I 3D being released in France. The burgers will be available starting January 31, and will be available for one month only. That's not a terribly long time to choose your side of the force, as the ads demand, so get on it, you lucky people of France and Belgium.


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