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Andrew Zimmern Weighs in on Paula Deen

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Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern makes an appearance today on Anderson Cooper's daytime show, and he offered his very diplomatic take on grease queen Paula Deen's announcement that she had diabetes/a multi-million dollar pharma deal. Said Zimmern: "I famously came out last year against a whole bunch of cooks, not just Paula, and what they cook and what they stand for." Assuming Zimmern is talking about when he said that people on food television "all sold our souls at some point"?

Here's a transcript:

I have a tremendous platform and responsibility to talk to people about these issues about sustainability and about health and wellness when it comes to food. I think it became a much more personal thing when she found out she had diabetes... Personally, I change my diet every single time that I find something new. I famously tasted shark fin soup many, many years ago before we understood exactly what was going on with the harvesting of sharks. I've consequently come out against it. I make personal choices in my life and stand behind them.

Explained Zimmern: "I am very much a person who likes to change with the times. Education is what it is all about."

Video: Andrew Zimmern on Paula Deen Controversy

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