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People Are Aging Wine With Meteorites Now

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Photos: Discovery

Introducing Meteorito space wine, a totally not made up concept from astronomer/winemaker Ian Hutcheon. Hutcheon owns a vineyard in Chile, and he has decided that what his Cabernet Sauvignon really needed was a hint of meteorite, so he aged it with one for a year.

Here are some questions you might have about this wine: Is it really from space? No, it is from Chile. But the meteorite is from space? Yes, but it landed on Earth 6,000 years ago, so it probably has citizenship by now. How does a meteorite affect the flavor of wine? It makes it "livelier." Where might one buy this rarity? At Hutcheon's observatory, the Centro Astronômica Tagua Tagua. And since the meteorite is extra-terrestrial, the word "terroir" is not entirely applicable in this case. Perhaps "space-oir"?

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