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Paula Deen Says She'll Donate a 'Percentage' of Her Diabetes Drug Profits

Yesterday grease queen Paula Deen announced that she hid her diabetes for three years and that she's going to massively profit off of it by promoting some potentially dangerous anti-diabetes medication. And today she did some damage control on The Chew, announcing that she'll be donating some of the profits from her pharmaceutical deal.

"Naturally I am being compensated, my children are being compensated, because we, like everybody else have to work," said Deen. "But I am in a position, my children are in a position, that we are going to set aside a certain percentage and we're donating that back to the [American Diabetes Association]... Because I could make a living in another way."

And then watch her sons completely change the subject away from money to how Paula Deen is "doing it for other people and it's going to help millions of people." The exact percentage was not disclosed.

Video: Paula Deen on The Chew

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