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Vegan Pranksters Try to Ban Cheese From Schools

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This will totally happen: vegan schemers/propagandists Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine are lobbying the good people of Albany, New York to ban cheese from school lunches. If by "lobbying" you mean running the above billboards, which depict the horrible terrible things that will happen to you if you eat cheese. With snappy slogans that mimic the old "This is your brain on drugs" ads. This is not the first time PCRM has compared a food item to a drug — they have run ads comparing hot dogs to cigarettes — nor is it their first time attacking cheese.

And while PCRM is busy trying to eradicate dangerous, deadly cheese from schools, Kraft is actually launching a $50 million campaign that shows you exactly how to cook with it in the privacy of your own kitchen. Isn't taking your cheese usage underground letting the crazy vegan doctors win?

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