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Yes, Cell Phone Stacking Is Now a Thing

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Photo: lil-B/Tumblr

Here's another sign that the world is going up in flames: people are so attached to their cell phones that they need a monetary incentive to not use them during meals. That incentive comes in the form of phone stacking, a new "game" and New York Daily News -approved trend thing that a California hip hop dancer named lil B is taking credit for creating. It's also called "Don't Be A Dick During Meals With Friends."

The rules: everyone stacks their phones face-down, and if a person at the table reaches for their device before a meal is over, they have to pay the whole bill. It's in some ways similar to credit card roulette, in that some pushover ends up picking up the tab. Because in the end, we are all weak-willed, compulsively tweeting, diabetic bags of flesh.

Here's a video of B explaining his brainchild:

Video: "Don't Be A Di*k During Meals aka The Phone Stack Game"

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