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Dana Cowin on Food & Wine Event X-Factors

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Continuing Eater Lounge coverage from the Cayman Cookout in Grand Cayman. Right now: Food & Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin.


So what's going on? What events have you been hosting?
I hosted some American Express invitation-only events, José Andrés event, and I did a breakfast this morning. They set up two chairs for us, but José refuses to sit, so it was hilarious.

He explained what he's been exploring with surface tension. Like if you pour water into a glass, it forms a belly. And so, he was explaining what you can do with that, with dishes. He's also investigated freezing with a round top. So he bores a hole and sprinkles sugar on top. So then you crack the ice and eat it like a slushie. He was very inspring on the subject of water.

Then we watched Tony and Eric. That was great. I also did a little intro for José yesterday. I had been told to prepare for José a dramatic intro and I had been told I needed to get the crowd to stand up and move around to the back. Then appears on the shore this gigantic rubber man that was José. (He was scuba-ing)

What else is going on?
Let's make something up! Things that are of serious interest to me: we do a healthy issue every year. Healthy isn't necessarily our stock and trade, but this year we're doing fifty ways to stay healthier, stronger, and smarter because those things are somewhat related. We have a winery workout: lifting barrels, stomping grapes, with calorie counts for all of it. It's the March issue. That was pretty entertaining. We did the farmer workout and now we have the winemaker workout. It's like all you people who love your food and wine, now you can work for it.

Any new events or new festivals?
iIxtapa had their first year last year. The new festival in Austin this year will be food, wine, and music. We always talk about food and wine and the x factor. So now we have food and wine and music. There will of course be great talent and great music. We've teamed up with fantastic people in Austin.

Things you're excited about in food?
The trend I'm most excited about is amazing Thai food in America. I haven't been to Pok Pok in New York yet, and I've never been to the Pok Pok in Portland. I'm so excited they're in Brooklyn now. The Portland chefs going to Austin and vice versa. It's like a plasma exchange.

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