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A Slightly Intoxicated David Chang Explains Bourbon

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Momofuku chef David Chang conducted a tasting for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon during which he samples all kinds of bourbons, from Old Grandad to Buffalo Trace. While trying to explain just how bourbon is made, he is also clearly intoxicated and declares: "It's not that difficult, but I've already had several bourbons, so I can't tell you exactly what the hell I'm talking about."

Still, the man has a few pearls of wisdom to drop when it comes to your bourbon. Buffalo Trace pairs well with pumpkin pie. Jim Beam is surprisingly "not that bad" although Jim Beam and Coke is a different story: "That's like ordering a wine spritzer. You don't want to be that guy." Also, probably the most important takeaway is that, "If you're gonna be drinking this late-night and you're already drunk, it doesn't really matter what you're drinking." Here's the video.

Bourbon Tasting With David Chang:

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