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Gatekeepers Across The Eater Universe, January '12

This is The Gatekeepers, in which Eater meets the fine ladies and gentlemen that stand between you and some of your favorite hard-to-get tables.
Laura Maniec, Corkbuzz, New York. [Photo: Krieger], Atul Narain, Rasika, Washington, DC. [Photo: R. Lopez], David Kim, Canlis, Seattle. [Photo: S. Pratt/ESEA], Alex Volpe, Apizza Scholls, Portland. [Photo: Avila]

· New York: Sommelier Laura Maniec on the Creation of Corkbuzz
· Boston: Bondir's Erin Reilley and Her Peek at Guchi's Ramen
· D.C.: Rasika's General Manager Atul Narain
· Atlanta: Meet Rob Ochotnicky, GM At Restaurant Eugene
· Miami: Myles Chefetz On Prime Time at Prime 112
· Chicago: GM Ben Miller Talks Paris Club and Studio Paris
· Dallas: Gina Gottlich Uncorks, Spills Secrets Of Bijoux
· Austin: Gatekeepers: Derick Wagle of Paggi House
· Houston: Dan Allen, General Manager of Uchi Houston
· New Orleans: Mondo GM Jenni Lynch Talks About Life in Lakeview
· Denver: Fruition's Paul Attardi Talks About Snagging a Reservation
· Los Angeles: Rustic Canyon Wine Bar's Kathryn Weil
· Portland: Apizza Scholls' Alex Volpe On Future Reservation Plans
· San Francisco: Mamacita General Manager, Kevin Perotti
· Seattle: Canlis' David Kim Discerns Purpose of the Dinner

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