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U.S. Clings To Twinkies In Wake Of Hostess Bankruptcy

Hostess Brands, the company that produces Wonder Bread, Sno Balls, Ding Dongs and a host of other grocery shelf confections has filed for bankruptcy, but all anyone wants to talk about are Twinkies, Twinkies, Twinkies.

Quickly emerging as the brand's flagship product in a time of woe, the spongy, cream-filled fingers have been the subject of a number of tributes both touching and bizarre over the past day or so. Glenn Beck, Matt Lauer and the Morning Joe folks are just a few prominent media-makers who've caught Twinkie fever since the story broke yesterday.

Taiwanese animation is probably your best bet for getting a thorough understanding of this nuanced commerce story, explaining the situation using, at one point, Lil' Debbie armed with a handgun. There's also a veritable fountain of bizarre, Twinkie-clutching man-tears.

On Morning Joe notorious junk food hater Mika Brzezinski does not give a single fuck about potential Twinkie demise, saying continued Twinkie production is not good news because "there's no value in that food." Guest Al Sharpton agrees, saying, "make sure ObamaCare is there to take care of your diabetes."

A bed-ridden Glenn Beck clutches a box of Twinkies to his chest. Answering the question absolutely nobody on earth wants to know the answer to, "Who am I in bed with?" Beck says, through fake tears: "Twinkies."

NPR, ever in the pursuit of service journalism, has compiled a list of things to do with your extra Twinkies, including fashioning the cakes into a life vest, a pin cushion and "extremely low resistance weights."

MSNBC's Matt Lauer fondly remembers his childhood days of Twinkie yore, saying "It was a snack that would tide me over" after his paper route. The news outlet also talks to a former Twinkie taster, who says the end of Twinkie is whatever, because they were so much better back in the day.

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