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South African Braille Burgers: Read the Sesame Seeds

Well so far 2012 has not disappointed on the Novelty Sandwich front (although some non-burger Novelty Sandwiches would be nice). Here's the latest offering, from the South African locations of British-based chain Wimpy: braille hamburgers. That is, burgers in which the sesame seeds are placed on the buns in braille patterns. Because seeing people can normally read words on Wimpy's buns? No, because Wimpy has braille menus available for the asking and this is a promotional stunt.

The burgers say things like "100% pure beef burger made for you." It seems somewhat flawed — what if your fingers knock off a couple seeds and you misconstrue Wimpy's message? That is a risk they are willing to take. Here is a video which is mostly cheesy but incredibly satisfying when the burgers are served and people start to get the joke:

Video: Wimpy Braille Burgers

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