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Watch a Completely Insane Ad For the Pizza Boomerang

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Here is Film? Telenovela? For something called Pizza Boomerang, from Barcelona communications company Sofa Experience. Since it's completely, 100% incomprehensible (and believe that the language barrier has nothing to do with the lack of comprehension) here is a list of things in the video below: a Brad Pitt-looking Greek god in nerdy gold-rimmed safety glasses, tears made of gold, the titular pizza boomerang, a microwave set in the side of a mountain, a catchy jingle, a suicidal man in a hideous Christmas sweater, a flasher and his disembodied bloody penis, a whole octopus on a grill, and the promise of pizza with antlers. Says the YouTube description: "It's an innovative throwing food; made with cheese, pepper and chorizo." NSFW:

Video: Pizza Boomerang

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